Day view layout

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I see in the "What's next" news, that a day view with time increments will be added in the future. That wil be very handy. Please consider the following in your design:

Events which are full day are usually graphed at the top of the day in their respective Calendar color as the background color. Then the hours features begin.

I have another program which does this and it is invaluable. It goes by hours for major time divivions and half hour increments for minor divisions.

Having a defined "work hours" setting in the preferences is also very nice. The user can specify what their normal working hours are e.g. 8am to 5 pm, and then that area of the day view is colorized to a specific user defined color. This is extremely helpful to aid in defining your day.

Graphing events for the day is also very nice, and those events which have multiple days should be graphed in week or month view with a banner instead of each day individually.

Another item that is useful is to have a red line go across the width of your screen in the hours section corresponding to the current time. So when your viewing the hours of the day and determining where to place your event, you are aware of the current time.

Once you end up creating this layout, the current layout woud seem to be what you might want to call an "Agenda view"